Heaven on Earth ~Mcleodganj

 “A Trip of self actualization”

It’s a time once three friends; reluctant with their choice joined a creative writing course just to do something different from the same old routine.  As the time passed, it was the last day of the course when these three girls met. I, Sharon, and Amisha– course got over but it was start of the new relation – friendship.

Struggling with the words what we learn in creative writing course, we decided to go on a trip and didn’t even bother to meet after that last day of the course. It wasn’t boring for me as over the course I immediately went on a family trip to the USA. We randomly decided to plan a trip; of course through technology, which keeps everyone connected.  We; the threeamigas clueless about each other interest and disinterest and with too many options with the places, we landed up choosing north- the heart of India. Finally, after a month or so it was the time for me to come back from USA and immediately take the same bag and leave for an India trip to Mcleodganj after two days.

Atlas, it was the day to leave with new thoughts, emotions and to look forward to all the new experiences. Terrified, anxious, energized, an excessive number of feelings with too many emotions flowing through our hearts and minds, but the only thing with us was one abrupt unplanned trip- A trip to Mcleaodganj.

It was a one week trip to Mcleodganj and Dharamshala. We decided to board the train from Borivali station to Pathankhot. I and Amisha were waiting at the Borivali station to board the train to Pathankot.  Whereas here Sharon runs around the platform and struggling to switch on; her knock off phone, finally she was there just before the train arrived. The train started so were the talks. We had lots to share; it was not only the journey of a trip that started, but it was another start of threeamigas of being strangers to friends to best friends and that’s how we grew and that’s how our life grew.

Finally, we reached to Pathankot station. Without much help of localize, we ended up paying more to rickshavala to head towards the bus stop to go to Mcleoadganj. Welcoming stranger boys on the trip was another unplanned thing by me. We met them at the Pathankot bus stop and they were helpful to make our journey smooth enough when it came to transport or to search for the stay or roam with them for a day in Mcleaodganj. It took 2 hours to reach to Mcleoadganj and searching the hotel to stay. We stayed in a black magic hotel, the only hotel which has a pub inside it.  We all finally took rest, had fun and dance that night.

Next day early morning, we had good breakfast ‘Parathas’ and started to explore the roads with these boys.  We went to many places and the day got over. It was time for them to leave and start our journey. It seems the actual trip for us started after the boys left.  We; three explored roads, the pubs, monasteries, temples, café’s, met people and my favorite monks.

It was a start of another journey where we went as a visitor discovered individuals who can control us, however then gradually and slowly returned as an explorer. In fact, unplanned trip led us to meet his holiness The Dalai Lama so closely. He was The Dalai Lama for the world but cool dude for me. I can still recall the charm on his face and the experience of seeing him so closely makes my world a happy place to live.

Finally, it was the last day of the trip when we headed towards Dharamshala. The pack of three, unaware about the places to see, but destiny has something amazing for us. It was universe who gave a surprise to our souls, to be in the oneness. Overall, we saw many places like Bhagsu Falls, Namgyal Monastery, Bhagsunath Temple, Church of St. Johns in the wilderness, tea garden, sunset point, but the most and much awaited place which just changed us and made this trip so special in our lives.

It was last sightseeing, where we landed up which was Naddi. Though together but still apart, Naddi made us realize how close we were to the universe, to ourselves, and truly we were that day. We began to look all starry eyed at the mountains at this place.


It was again time to pack our bags and come back home. This time not with the baggage of thoughts, emotions and experience but a sweet memory, this can’t be captured with lenses of the reflection of your eye but with the oneness of being you. We took the bus to Delhi from Mcleadganj and came back by Flight to our city Mumbai with a fresh perspective in our lives.

So, when are you choosing an unplanned trip to experience the oneness in your life?