You are breathing but are you living?

I thought I will always put forward my thoughts with the warrior I have in me that is words but after few blogs, I surrendered and don’t know what to compose next? In any case, when I sat down and started wondering that why I began writing my blog? It is because this is something that I truly need to develop myself in. Thus, when I look back in my life I realized I have part to write.  If I wasn’t in the headspace of so many blogs ideas, I wouldn’t’ have written this one.

We all know it takes a lot of endeavors to create our life. By and large, we all have very own existence which is apparently true but after so many years, while living my life I started  realizing and asking these questions to myself  Am I truly living.? Is it me who is living?  Is it always my point of view or Am I doing what I really wanted to do?

Later after so many battles with my thoughts, I realized I am just breathing and not living. I am not conscious enough to live. While struggling in all aspects of our life; which we all go through. At the point when in school, we struggle for marks, when in college competing to get admissions in one of the best college and later in a stage of living as diverse individuals we compete with different people to get a better job. Days passed and so was my life growing.

When I was circling here and there to set myself in a particular occupation without being aware what I really wanted to do. When I was struggling around to look and make great companions, when I was racing to find my true love. I kept my self telling this too shall pass yet at the same time there was something which kept myself far from me. In spite of the fact, that I was free yet at the same time in enclosure. Everything was shady in my head. I was lost battling in my own particular world. I overlooked my identity.

I went through lot of emotions and experiences. There were times when few people who do not merit my fellowship, yet I was still there. When I encountered all the good and bad times; like hopping between all the travel destinations. I was even struggling when love and friendship all was just tangled in my life.

My journey of being me just began when I met variety of individuals from different destinations, diverse culture. Somewhere my trips and my life experiences helped me to grow. Somewhere in the journey of my life, I came across someone who thought me what love is, not to love someone else but rather to love oneself. My friends and family thought me be to confident enough to face the world.

All was just there, so what happened out of the blue when I just bought myself in me? Since the time had come to release all the baggage of undesirable emotions I had in me to set myself free. To became me. I am as growing yet when I look back I have lot to appreciate and happy to be me.  And it truly feels unique to treat oneself like a prince or a princess, to freely breathe and to live each moment.

I gladly observe change in me and all the healed relations around me. I am now me because I am aware of each day. I am aware of each hour to minute to seconds which last to my each breathe. Anyway, this 2017 would you choose and create to genuinely live?

Happy breathing, Happy Living.