Mouth watering chat from my MOM’S Kitchen- Pani Puri

Who doesn’t like mouth watering chaat which is unsurpassed most loved for some and it turns out to be more unique when it is from your Mom’s kitchen?

Get ready pani puri is nearly fun; yet eating it is super fun. Pani puri is the most evident and basic name at many places, however there are diverse names in many spots like Puchka, Pakodi , pani ke patashe , patashi, Gup Chup, Tikki, Water Balls and Gol gappe.

Thus, there are distinctive approaches to make Pani Puri. I have utilized boiled moong as it is useful for our well-being with meetha imli (tamarind) chutney and off course with some spicy chutney.

Pani puri consists of the following items :

  1. Puri  – Ready made puri, easily available in the market
  2. Stuffing – Boiled Moong
  3. Pani – Sweet and spicy chutney made from various ingredients.

How about to see the ingredients of the recipe to prepare it?

So, here we go.


It is effortlessly accessible in Market; there are two sorts of puri from which I generally like Sindhi puri, which is minimal thicker and crisper and kinda make an interesting commotion in your mouth when you eat it.


  • Stuffing – moong

 I picked moong firstly because it is more beneficial and less demanding to make which spares part of your time.

Heat up the moong sprouts and strain abundance water.

3.1) Preparing spicy chutney or teekha pani

For the Pani: (all the ingredients are to be taken according to the taste and quantity)

Grind mint leaves, coriander leaves with little water to form a smooth paste with green chilies. Then add rest of  the below ingredients until all blends well.

Add 1 lemon (juice)

1 ½ half tsp kala namak

½ tsp black pepper crushed

Salt and ginge to taste

1 ½ tsps Jal Jeera powder

Place in the fridge to chill or add some ice cubes for instant cooling.


3.2) Preparing sweet chutney or Imli ka pani

For the Pani: (all the ingredients are to be taken according to the taste and quantity)

Soak tamarind and dates in water. Alternatively you could boil it for 2-3 mins.

Allow to cool remove the seeds of tamarind or dates.

Now grind the pulp of tamarind and dates together with a cup of water until smooth.

Take a pan add the puree of dates and tamarind. Add ½ cup water and mix all nicely.

Also add jaggery powder and all spice powder, mix and simmer for 4-5 mins.

Allow to thicken then switch off the gas.

Place in the fridge to chill or add some ice cubes for instant cooling.


It is dependably amusing to set it up yet more enjoyable to eat it. So; let have more fun eating it.

Make a small hole in the center of each puri. Insert a small amount of the boiled moong.

Dip each of the puris with the stuffing into the pani so that the pani goes inside the puri.

Now put the whole puri into your mouth.


Enjoy every bite of it. And keep loving Pani puri


Author: Mesmerize Being

A universal lover and attempting to be a story teller. A soul which travels to get high with every single diverse experience. And to know me sail with me here through my words which centers me....

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