10 North Indian qualities that turns me on…

​I never knew which part of the world I prefer the most. In my 25th year, I coincidentally chose to go north India (McLeod) and that is the way my travel diaries began. And it’s been 2 years now and my heart is always ready to travel to north. After that trip, I started wondering why north attracts me so much.

Of course it’s the magnificence of India~ nature, mountains universe just drives me crazy, yet there is something more to it and that is NORTH INDIAN BOYS. They just make me fall for them. Of course there is a flip side to it but I am here to talk about the good qualities

1) Looks – The most interesting part in the face of north Indians that attracts me is the beard of the guys. It doesn’t suit everyone but many.  Followed by the tallness in their height.

2) Attitude:  They have care free attitude which is sometimes a disadvantage but sometimes much needed.

3) Travelers: Most of them love to travel. North Indians are basically travelers and inspires many to travel.

4) Love: They can make you fall for them any time. They can make your life mesmerize.

5) Enterprise- They can actually take risk and think big to grow their enterprise. They are focused and always engaged with their work.

6)  Celebration: They are always ready for festivity with mandatory drinks in their gathering list.

7) Cuisine: They have good appetite. North Indians are food lovers.  They have amazing sense of food and the taste.

8) Confidence in their language: I cherish when they talk in Hindi. North Indians are confident about speaking. They are even good in voicing their opinion and debating in circumstances. I think that’s why we have parliament in Delhi.

9) Me time: Most of them are in their own world, spending me time which sometimes leads to carelessness.

10) Ego: I know its a negative emotion which I believe to an extend is okay but not always.


Author: Mesmerize Being

A universal lover and attempting to be a story teller. A soul which travels to get high with every single diverse experience. And to know me sail with me here through my words which centers me....

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