12 tips for 21 days- EUROPE!


  1. Research: Off course reading gives you knowledge and travel gives you experience, when you have the two its a cherry on a cake. its a cherry on a cake. Keep reading more and more blogs to know more and more about EUROPE. It will likewise help you to map out your cities easily.
  2. Holidays: Planning will likewise enable you to understand the leaves you need to apply at your work. Because if this is not approved your hard work and planning will go for a TOSS.
  3. Budget: Very essential to design your excursion well ahead of time, It took me a year and all my hardship to design my Europe Trip as it was a Budget Trip for me. Also, really, I spared a considerable measure.
  4. Itinerary: Utmost, ensure you are clear with your plans on paper. This will make you through to your visa.
  5. Visa Catch: The catch to get the the Schengen Visa is the maximum stay in a country and not Cities and than applying through the same Consulate which makes the  process easy.
  6. Documents: Make sure your Itinerary, Cover Letter (Visit Purpose) / your Flight return Tickets along with the booking stay.
  7. Flexible Bookings: The advantage for flexible booking is Change. You can be a free bird once you get Schengen Visa.
  8. VISA: Make sure you keep buffer time to plan this trip along with your visa time and fees. I feel France is the easiest, I got it done in four days, but arranging papers for it took me 40 days.
  9. Climate:  It is so unpredictable that you can feel hot or cold or if you are lucky it can rain as well. It will help you to choose your attire correctly
  10. One Bag: This is the most critical point to note as Europeans adore stairs and strolling. I figure that is the mystery behind their wellness. If you really want to travel EUROPE with ease kindly just carry one good small size bag. This is the thing you should invest in.
  11. Currency: Make sure you carry money belt along. Carry Travel card along with some cash. This was extremely useful to me.
  12. Camera: One of the things not to miss on your trip

Above things will most likely make you prepared to go for the EUROPE Trip. So what are you sitting tight for?


Welcome Home!

Does taking rebirth at the places I always belong touch your soul?
After each destination, I ponder what was it that was so extraordinary in every trip I go to?

At times it was the beauty of North India and once in a while feelings. As and when the
numbers of my trips are increasing, so are the stories.
Off course himachal being my all-time favourite, which always leave the essence of belongingness in me.

In any case, while returning home from my last trip, I asked myself what was
it that made me realise that I cleared out a noteworthy piece of me here where I don’t even belong to?
Barely this time any digits got included. What’s more, few got rusted. The blue ticks were
indication of getting hurt.
Then I began pondering was these all the belonginess to my own spirit?
Connecting to individuals felt like years. What’s more, now will it feel like ages?
Himachal always makes me feel like I am back home.
I am distracted by the beauty of the universe.
Thoughtlessly thoughtful in mountains –


It gives me reasons to grow…

To belong to myself.

To flow with the rivers and angels being my best friend…

All this helps me to belong to my soul – loving this belongness with my very
own nature
I don’t know how my hair were tied in my last trip?
I don’t remember what was I wearing neither I remember how the climate was?
I was cluelessness about my thoughts and emotions.
It was just me – A naked soul who was trying to flirt with this naked universe…
And it was beyond less…
The places I am already missing. It’s so different from our city. Where your clothes are
these mountains, trees are the breath, rivers are your feet. And this universe was my
My soul was destined for this place. The love, purity and belonging with myself, rivers
with all the love for the mountains in me.
My soul was busy flirting, talking, dancing with mountains… And universe has mesmerised me by its beauty. Healed my thoughts, body, emotions and my soul.
It’s been months when I came back from my last trip which made me realised its
new me!!! A more happier soul.


This time when I look back with a smile it’s for myself!!!
Trips for me now is when it makes you to meet you.
So, I keep sharing my journey when I am travelling in me…

#mesmerizebeing #metime #NorthIndia #lovingme


You and I…

……It was I who went on a trip to Rajasthan ~ from Mumbai to Udaipur to Jaipur to Agra which I was so disinterested. Be that as it may, it was consign for I to go to these spots particularly to the city of affection Agra. Life appears to be fascinating when “YOU meets I”. YOU and I are two sides of same coin. Evidently one yet extraordinary; distinctive in their ways of life.

And this was the time, love emerged; for I and it was special and for the first time.

YOU was special for I

You was so close for I

Was that love?

After the two-day trip in the city of Love it was time to leave with the hardest good-bye and a half hug and finish the journey.  After the hardest good-bye I was back to the city life, I still wonder…

Was it love? Love for what? Love for YOU?

What was so different in this trip?

Why after almost so many months I regardless loved the trip?

Is it accurate to say that it was the fun moments You & I shared at hostel?

Was it the rhythm of the dancing feet where I mesmerized YOU?

Or was it when I loved when YOU gave those hugs and kiss and held I so tight, I felt so high, I felt just so right. There were butterflies in the stomach, going around in circles. I was not tired of blushing with oneself.  I was in euphoria with universe to experience love which is just beyond eternity

Or was it “YOU” due to which the trip was the most memorable one among so many trips further.

Or was it YOU in I?

Enter a caption

Even after I came to the city that never sleeps, the 10 digit number was still active for both You and I.  

Next what?

Does You and I become WE?

Was it just the story of I?

Did You have other side of the story too?

Was it a heart-break?

Or was that the last meet?

Do they meet again?

This is definitely not the end of the story. This story is more interesting a head.

To know what happen next, keep lusting with my words…

May be you will know the whole story when the words wed and bound to spend a life together under one shelter which will be my book.

So everyone who is reading this, start traveling, you never know when YOU & I become WE….

Happiness looks gorgeous on me

IMG_20170316_131620Isn’t it okay to gracefully turn 28 and single – while adding someone in your life is still on hold?

So what if I am just 28, a woman who is changing with looks and body. Growing each day with different challenges.

So what if I give priority to my career?

What happens if you see your crushes and loves with someone else at this age of life?

So what if your self-respect is more important than your ego?

Isn’t is okay if you are underweight? Body shaming was always a depressing factor in my life.

So what if I am knowing the importance of food and my body now and sometimes mirror not being my best friend.

So what if I choose to wear clothes which comfort me?

Isn’t it okay if you are on the journey of being your own self?

I believe age is not only a two digit number but it sometimes teaches you and brings you closer to the destiny. Destiny of flying. Touching the sky. Adoring the waves. Being committed to nature. And always protected for being in the womb of the universe.

However, all appear to be baseless on the grounds that I took judging as a critical part of individuals in my life. I will discover my way; here some place not among others perspective but rather in me since I choose to be happy. To shine. To be beautiful. To respect and listen to my body. And finally to listen to my soul…

I trust that it’s absolutely alright to blush for yourself.

Since to know yourself is likewise a reason in your life.

Furthermore, it is such a delightful journey of truly being you to stroll with the light and kiss the earth. Additionally, it is so flawless when you make your grass greener and this time on your side.

With all these being an infinite beauty from a girl to a lady, I am in a relationship with my own self.

Such a large number of individuals pinged me after reading my last post on Depression. Asking me how I had the courage to compose what I went through because large portions of them were touched.  I had no answer but I think I have started lusting with the words which may some point of my life will sail between the pages and would ink it with my name. Since happiness looks gorgeous on me.

~Happiness~ Me

Blocking to Unblocking- Depression.

I wasn’t mindful what it implies unless I experienced it in last one year. It wasn’t me all this time. I felt like a dead individual who is just breathing. My last year trip was an escapism from my own self. My work from home was a torture for me. My dear companions upheld me however I felt miserable about me. Their pieces of advice for my well-being began disturbing me. In all this, my heartbreak was end point of my life.

Everyone use to think I am stuck in my past yet nobody comprehended what I was experiencing.

My family laughed when I wanted to share what’s happening with me. It was just me and my shadow who was in touched and cried.

I attempted to associate with new individuals and invested more energy to come out of my past tried to release it. Got irate on all individuals around.

People laughed because I always wanted to talk to people who were not interested in being with me in any case. I was looking for love all the time. 
Trips / friends/ family / medication/ yoga / nothing worked. A couple of years of fellowship broke. Few months attachment got replaced and I couldn’t do anything and that too didn’t sustain.

Placing pictures on FB to make myself feel great. In any case, toward the day’s end, nothing truly worked. There were times I was just lying in my room, with my phone waiting for people to call me. I started hating food which was so dangerous for my body.

I felt I am getting closer to finishing my own-self.

One day I told myself enough. Every minute I use to make myself aware of my existence, about the activities I am doing. About the emotions, I am feeling. Being aware of the people who supported me. It wasn’t easy, numerous days toward the end I use to fizzle.


And finally, I told depression bye-bye and told Zindagi a very big HI…

Regardless I think what was it? How and why did I go into the depression? What’s more, what was it that made me leave it.
Was that all the medicines which I was in-taking for my health issues? Or, on the other hand, my dear companions who motivated me to be me again. Was is it accurate to say that it was my new energizing employment? Or, was it the spiritualism which I left long back.

Be that as it may, some place I think it pushed me to begin living once mo. Living like a young lady who was loaded with life some time back.

Just wanted to tell you hi Zindagi with each breath